A wide range of Expert Traders

John Hock
    I have 7 years of Experience in the market Using small risk to reward ratios and professional risk management.

    I aim to Keep drawdown to the minimum while maintaining stable equity curves and high ROI.

    Use Cent account with 50-100$ or Standard account from 2500 $ and above , when you double the amount, double the copy ratio.
Dovick Butcher
    Forex and crypto trader for over 25 years with loads of insights on how the market really works, a former trader of a kopt financial services.
MR. Phil
    Prime Broker with 12-year expertise in liquidity services. For my first ten years in the trade industry, I have worked with institutional clients and brokers such as retail FX brokers, investment companies, and proprietary trading firms.

    I'm opened to help traders of all sizes, enabling them to trade over 600 assets with institutional-grade conditions and first-class customer support.
Dave Williams
    A seasoned and reputable forex trader with 12 years of experience in the industry. Known for my expertise in forex trading, they have successfully served countless clients worldwide.

    Their commitment to providing top-notch customer service, reliable trading experience , and valuable market insights makes me a preferred choice among traders. I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals by offering personalized trading solutions and staying up-to-date with the latest market trends.
    A professional crypto and forex enthusiasts, with 8 years of excellent track record experience. We are offering innovative automated system of trading wherein traders can sit back and relax!!

    Making high ROI daily.
Elizabeth Nkuma
    Passionate Forex Trader | Expert Analyst | Results-Driven Mentor

    With over 6 years of experience in the forex market, I thrive on analyzing charts, identifying trends, and making precise trading decisions.

    My dedication to continuous learning and disciplined trading strategies has led to consistent profits and an extensive network of successful mentees.
    A dynamic forex trader who thrives on embracing volatility and uncertainty in the markets.

    Fascinated by the interconnectedness of global economies, I believe in capitalizing on short-term opportunities while keeping a long-term vision.
Alex Turner
    Achieved consistent annual returns of over 30% for the past three years. Specializes in technical analysis and trend identification.

    Featured in industry publications and invited as a guest speaker at trading conferences. Driven to help others master the art of forex trading and achieve financial independence.
Champ W. (The trading Champ)
    Be patient with the market, the market will always come to give those that are stoic and consistent enough profit.

    With more than 6 years in this field, this is the most important lesson I have gotten by heart.

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